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Restform Pillow – Cool Pillow Viscoelastic Foam Cushion with Cooling Gel

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About Restform Cool Pillow: 

  • viscoelastic cooling pillow 50 x 30 cm
  • The Restform Cool Pillow is the incredible new memory foam pillow with a layer of gel that cools your head all night long. You will feel refreshed and awake thanks to the constant cooling during the night in the morning with less pain. Also, the pillow supports your neck and spine and gently weighs your head.
  • The secret of the Restform Cool Pillow lies in its soothing gel layer, which cools your skin immediately on contact. Below the gel layer is the cushion of memory foam. The millions of microscopic air pockets adapt to each of your movements, align your neck properly and support your spine.
  • No matter whether you sleep on your back, your side or your belly, the rest of the Cool Pillow helps you get a better and more restful sleep.
  • Viscoelastic foam for gentle hold. Eliminates moisture and sweat. 100% breathable
  • The body heat activates the cooling gel. Provides immediate comfort and freshness
  1. Imran Rasool

    They stay cool in really warm weather. My cervical issue is better now

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